The Daniel Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation providing support and programming for children in the Midwest, particular Missouri. It began with the Bush family’s desire to construct a memorial for their son Daniel Bush (1993 - 1999). Daniel Bush was a unique and gifted child who was named after the Hebrew prophet who, according to the Bible, had “intelligence in ever branch of literature and wisdom” (Daniel 1:17). The prophet is most well-known for becoming an envoy between different cultures. Like the prophet, Daniel had a keen interest in books and story-telling. He became fluent in both Japanese and English, and spent much of his life in Japan. Daniel tragically drowned at the tender age of six.



The goals of the Daniel Foundation are directly related to the life and legacy of Daniel Bush. These goals are also closely related to the professional work of Hal and Hiroko Bush. The three pillars of the Daniel Foundation are:

  1. To encourage literacy skills and positive
    work experiences for disadvantaged youth.

  2. To support Japanese language acquisition
    and cultural awareness.

  3. To foster lifeguards skills and parental awareness
    of water safety issues.

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