Seed money for the charitable trust that is The Daniel Foundation has been provided by Daniel’s parents, Hiroko and Hal Bush. This seed money will be continually augmented through the annual contributions from the Bush family, along with concerned parents and adults, businesses, and other groups who identify with and support the goals and initiatives of The Daniel Foundation. Grants are primarily aimed at helping other charitable groups raise funding, or for the support of special acquisitions that will benefit the training and betterment of children.




The Daniel Foundation welcomes any and all contributions or donations that you would like to make. Donations of monetary value are greatly appreciated. If, instead, you are interested in purchasing jewelry or in the market for property in St. Louis please visit our sister website This site has a number of finely hand-crafted jewelry pieces that can be purchased with all the proceeds directly contributing to the Daniel Foundation. The Daniel Foundation would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your generosity. Know that you and the many children that you have helped are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.


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